Whats up guys i’m gonna be showing you my DIY van life mattress in excellent detail in these days and why I suppose it’s more handy than most other forms of beds in van lifestyles Amazon links are below in the description for virtually the whole thing I used on this entire van yo so my title’s Ryan and that is the condominium I built from an empty cargo van.I do virtually presently reside inside this full-time. Let’s get began. I’ll exhibit you the mattress that i am laying on so to begin with this bed that I chose is a foam mattress bed it has two specific varieties of foam oh the first form of foam on the top this is a softer fabric it’s so much squishier and it um you understand it type of types to your physique more and then the 2d style of foam down beneath it is rather more dense like should you had been to put your your knee or anything down into it you wouldn’t go all the method via to the wooden below it that is truly fixed on some of my back issues after which that is the identical detailed factor the again to the sofa when it can be up if you happen to had been to have a larger mattress spring mattress then that thing would come as much as about right here oh why did I opt for this style of mattress over a lot of other forms of designs and fan lifestyles various individuals pick to have the beds that that extend out from under they’ll have the the interlocking picket portions that they are going to make themselves it’s going to extend out and then they will simply slide the mattress down onto it now the purpose i do not like that and the rationale I did it this manner is considering the fact that I do not need that mattress to be squished up all the time during the day this is two portions there may be the better piece down right here this this significant piece down here is truly the scale of a twin mattress all the way throughout after which on when you add this it becomes a full bed plus one more inch that manner additionally allows for me to drag this up after which i have it can be a chest as you will discover that is how I prop up my bed is just a bit stick that I put right right here and see how tall just the bottom of the mattress is for storage and this over right here is virtually left open so i can get to shut real quickly and then the opposite side is really left open as well first constructed the van once I was first beginning to construct it then I had a bed that might go from that facet the entire method to this part so i might lay down this manner now not down this manner did not relatively enable me to travel via right here I found that I used to be too tall i’m six-three my ft couldn’t effectively you know extend up and about I love it when my toes go otherwise they may be up like this and that’s no bueno so i’m gonna show you rapidly how one can prolong the mattress first I take the pillow and put it up in a area it’s now not gonna mess with some thing then you could take this foam and put it right right here after which so which you could get to this piece of wooden and then i’ll convey this down now you see there’s rails correct right here there’s one rail correct right here and an additional rail they go all the approach down except for right right here so I just pull that and put it in the spot and it just falls in position and then there is a bit of cutout correct here so the handle does not get hit after which I just bring this down and and then i’ll convey this over cuz it can be folded over after which i’m going to just put it over like so there is a couple of perks to having a mattress like this it is so enormous inside of any such small van for the duration of the day i have a stroll with at night i can have the relief of a enormous mattress as you see the bed goes all of the way the very back would simply lay and appear off a mountain scape appear into the ocean or you already know just wherever i’m parked and then there may be my pillows right here i have one pillow that simply stays there and then the massive pillow and then the body pillow that’ll sleep with and you understand that’s simply that now the advantages of getting a bed like this i will be able to definitely sit down down here you will see that in the mirror I might simply sit here and i can open the door and i can look out if any one else wishes to stay right here at the same time i am driving you already know with out a seatbelt excellent for them however you know the opposite factor i will sit up right here and cook dinner if I desired to Indian type after which i will additionally afterwards carry over this and wash the dishes after I prepare dinner Indian form after which if I want to i will be able to sit again put these pillows and stretch away that i will lay again on them after which watch tv so yet another method to take skills of this excellent big bed in this tiny little van is to listen to tune i have two of those audio system up here proper over my bed and i have it switched on and i could simply lay back proper right here and you know listen to the song but i’ve this high-quality little switch over right here to place that on and that i lay again and i simply listen to the track party k now i’m gonna show you learn how to put the mattress again up put this again over here out of the way in which once more however as an alternative this time i am I put these items over right here and simply watch how rapid that is this I just clearly do it and reverse from earlier than and i transfer this again up which is not surely that heavy I just wish to exhibit you guys the development of it then I reduce out portions just to make it you understand match with the whole lot simply plywood and average too much worse and put that in place you understand it’s just back actual rapid thing and then the final factor I do I put this again right here and then i will be able to take a seat back again this fabric correct right here and this material right right here they’re both bamboo now the benefit of bamboo and why you need to use it too and your own van is on account that they may be naturally antimicrobial meaning that it is not going to stink up after an extended interval of use this factor does not particularly look to get dirty in case you relatively look at it it is nonetheless very very easy it definitely still smells like it’s new and i have been dwelling on this thing for seven months now and now I’ve washed it of course the opposite factor i’ve over here on this little corner that is yet another comforter for the wintertime if I fairly need it if I get bloodless the way where you get foam you could go to Foam manufacturing facility calm that is WWF own manufacturing unit calm i’m now not like related to them or something I simply that is the place I went through i do not get paid for those who buy it quickly the construction so i’ve it up on its little stick correct now in order you see this thing is over there i will still match back there even though it’s propped up and that is considering the fact that there may be a flat part on the other aspect and then there’s a hinge and then it goes up i take advantage of the door hinges that you would use in a house the you recognize they may be first-class giant and strong and it seems to work so I have no difficulty or issues ok so I promise you for those who buy it and build a mattress like this you will no longer regret it that is in reality constant all my back problems from when I was residing in a condo i love this bed it is certainly the most cozy mattress I’ve ever owned so in case you’ve liked this video go ahead and click on Subscribe under and thank you guys for watching i’ll see you subsequent time